KAJAT Properties is a family business that specializes in commercial real estate. We offer consulting and management services for both investors and lenders throughout the United States. Additionally, we also own and operate commercial property in the Cedar Rapids, IA metro area. KAJAT started in 1995 when the company partnered in the purchase of an office building in Denver, CO.

Tom Belin

Kajat Properties main principal, Tom Belin, has 40 years in the real estate business. He has managed, owned, and consulted on over $200 million in all property types throughout the US. Tom also has experience in complex ownership, bankruptcy, receivership, and taxing district.

• Consulted on the construction of a $12 million Natatorium in Marion, IA.
• Guided the process of implementing re-development strategies including industrial revenue bonds on two regional shopping malls in Texas and Colorado valued at $70 million.
• Re-built the business of a residential developer over five years that resulted in the recovery of a $15 million loan while earning the lender $3 million in interest.
• Managed the re-development ($3 million investment) and re-positioning of a 408-unit apartment complex in Florida over a three year period saving the lender an $11 million write-off.
• Salvaged an economic district in Texas allowing $6.1 million in revenue bonds to be re-floated with the sale of a 200-unit apartment complex.
• Restructured and built-out 150,000 square foot of office space for multiple properties in Texas and California gaining rents in excess of market.
• Managed 12,500 undeveloped acres in Arizona through 104 inter-related bankruptcies ultimately creating a market where none existed resulting in a $2 million gain on sale.
• Negotiated and closed sales and financing on over $150 million in real estate assets.

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